Full-Service Commercial Lawncare

No matter the size, we provide regular lawncare servicing for commercial properties in a 40-mile radius from central Charlotte.

New Construction Site Clearing

New construction clearing or site work is no problem at all for our experienced crews.

Winter Weather Snow Removal

We do get inclement weather in the Carolinas, so we are prepared to handle any parking lot snow or ice removal job!


Full-Service Commercial Lawncare

Whether seasonal flowerbeds or year-round turf care, we strive to maintain each customer's property in a cost-efficient manner while keeping in mind the long-term needs of the landscape & beds.

Please note: For residential accounts, we offer all types of landscaping and irrigation new installations.  Due to the high volume of regular commercial accounts, we regret that we can no longer accept new residential lawn maintenance.  Please contact us for new residential installs!

Landscape Design & Installs

Our accumulated knowledge and experience allows Lakeview Lawn & Landscaping to tailor each job to the customer's specific requirements while keeping in mind the natural growth habits and characteristics of each type of plant or foliage.

In addition, we offer full irrigation installations and service work, hardscapes, water features, and irrigation troubleshooting.


Contact Us Today

Please contact our team for a quote to discuss your specific requirements.